The CGNS offers a full range of services. We offer in-house repairs
from the simple to the complex.
We have fixed rates for many services that we provided.
We simplify  cost to allow our customers a clear understanding of services.

Computer Optimization $89.00
We will perform a scan of your system for Malware and viruses, as well as blow out debris
inside your computer system and remove all temporary files. We will also update your system
with all security updates. We will also install Virus protection and malware protection software.

Factory Settings Reset $179.00.
We will restore your computer back to factory settings, saving your data pictures and critical
documents. We will install all default programs Java, adobe Reader, Flash and other DVD
player software and anti-virus software.

Critical Information Backups $65.00
We will backup all data documents, pictures, music to a DVD or Jump drive.

Our Shop Rates are $59.00 / Hr.
For specialised or custom repairs.

On-site Services $99.00 / Hr.
Business or residential

Domain Server Services $179.00 / Hr.
Server setups, design, and trouble shoot system settings, user rights and network cable and
router problems.
All our technician are degreed and certified professionals

  • AAS Computer Support Degrees:
  • Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians.
  • A+ Certified.
  • Net + Certified.
  • Microsoft System Administrators.

Field Tech:  210-725-8054
Always Have Your System Serviced
by Qualified Technicians.
Call 210-725-8054